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The Junior School of the Institution is equipped with ultra-modern resources for effective learning

Constantly growing and evolving, the Senior School has an infrastructure to the best of standards. The institute takes pride in the functioning of its fabulous and most extraordinarily built Senior School.


The purpose of the Science Lab is to stimulate students’ interest in Science. To enhance the learning ability of the students and to impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school is well equipped with Physics Lab, Chemistry lab, Biology Lab and Home Science Lab. The students have hands-on experience to their learning. The experiments conducted in the labs help them add to their knowledge.

We have a highly sophisticated physics lab with ample equipment to perform experiments in various branches of physics, starting from mechanics, properties of matter, optics, electronics and optro electronics. It caters to all the requirements of CBSE till class 12.

The function of the chemistry lab is to ensure technical and scientific support. to all the students. The lab is well equipped with modern day sophisticated apparatus. All infrastructure, equipment and chemicals are made available to the students. Some of the modern day equipment amde available to the students are polar meter, conductivity meter, a vacuum pump for suction filtration and all borosilicate glassware.

The school has a specious, well equipped and furnished laboratory. It has many monocular and binocular microscopes. It has all the required apparatus, specimen jars, charts and various models that is required for a sound learning.

To enhance practical mathematical skills and make students be well-versed with the concepts, Math Labs have been set up in DPS Farakka. It stimulates interest in Maths, and encourages and assists students to develop the knowledge, competence, and enthusiasm thereby removing the fear of the subject.

The Social Science Laboratory provides students with hands-on experiences to explore societal phenomena through experiments, data analysis, and simulations, fostering critical thinking and understanding of human behavior and societies.

The Lingua Laboratory is a dynamic space where students engage in immersive language learning through interactive exercises, multimedia resources, and real-life simulations, fostering proficiency and cultural understanding in diverse languages.

Equipped with the latest systems, the web lab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, it endeavours to expose the students to the latest technologies and skills in this field.

Libraries support learning within the pedagogic goals of the school. The school houses a vast collection of books for students to read and develop a passion for reading, also inculcating in them the critical literacy. The institutions have a well stocked, computerized functional library to support the rich curriculum of all the classes.
The “Learning Hub” as we call it, our school library is a spacious, air-conditioned, well lit, comfortably furnished, tastefully decorated to cater to young and old, students and teachers, and junior and the senior wings alike.
Dedicated sections for text, reference, encyclopedia, fiction and non-fiction novels in English, Hindi and Bengali classics, competitive exam series, biographies, general knowledge, society and religious books make the ambience purely divine.

The School Library is open to all bonafide students of the school. All classes are provided with at least one library period per week. Students have to observe the following rules
01. Students should bring their Library Cards.
02. Each student of classes IX, X, XI and XI I can be issued two books at a time for a maximum period of 10 days. Classes II to VIII can be issued one book for 10 days.
03. Students are allowed to borrow books only on their own cards.
04. They must maintain absolute silence in the library.
05. Books other than reference books are issued for 10 days. If the books are returned late without a valid reason, the borrowing facility is withdrawn for 4 weeks and a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged for returning books after the due date.
06. Books marked, disfigured or damaged will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower.
07. The Library has an open shelf system and students must help to maintain order and organization in the different shelves. They can take the books for reading and must keep them back at the same place after consultation and not just on any other shelves.
08. Students are not allowed to bring their personal books or belongings into the library.
09. Books issued should be returned to the Library in a good condition. Strict action will be taken against a child found damaging or defacing a book. (The borrower will have to either replace the book back or pay the price of the book.)

Online Library offers students access to a vast array of digital resources including e-books, journals, and databases, enabling convenient and efficient research, study, and exploration of diverse subjects anytime, anywhere.

Special Features

Art is the language of the soul. It is that amazing medium through which the innate creativity manifests in a fun filled way. Students from the elementary to the higher secondary, revel in dipping their fingers in colours, making alluring patterns and assembling sundry materials in innovative ways.

Our school’s teaching philosophy goes beyond classroom education and we ensure that we supplement the theoretical instruction with audio visual aids. To assist us in this effort, our school has a fully equipped Audio Visual Room which simplifies learning through multi-media facilities. Students have access to facts in a more interesting manner and can view presentations based on various subjects and other value based information. Through these aids, the teachers are able to disseminate knowledge via movies, wildlife documentaries, animated videos and talks by well-known and respected personalities that provide an insight into our country’s culture and heritage. These audio visual sessions are highly interactive as the teacher has the capability to pause the recording allowing students to ask questions and take maximum advantage of the learning being imparted.

Our school promotes new avenues for the all-round development of the students. An important and critical feature of our school’s facilities is the auditorium. This grand hall has been the centre stage for our students who have proved their mettle in dramatics, debates, musicals and other talent shows. The auditorium has been the battle-field of several inter-school competitions, investiture ceremony, workshops, book fairs and exhibitions.


Sports is one of the most sought after co-curricular school activity among students at DPS Farakka. The enthusiastic players choose from an array of sports and physical activities like football, throw-ball, basketball, Tae-kwon-do, badminton, table tennis, cricket, yoga and athletics. Their steadily zealous involvement shows positive results in their fit body, emotionally balanced mind, belief in persistence, patience and practice and enhanced values of cooperation and teamwork. Through Inter-House matches and umpteen inter-school matches, Annual Athletic Meet, Sports Day, and everyday sports periods, our budding sportspersons shine, adding to their happiness quotient.

Music is given prime importance as part of the school curriculum. Our school boasts of a highly accomplished music staff and a well-equipped music room on the school campus. Every child is encouraged and nurtured to learn at least one musical instrument starting from Class I. All basic musical equipments are made available to the students. Instruments like the harmonium, tabla, congo, drums, piano, keyboard and others are accessible for the students. Dance practice integrates choreography, performance and appreciation of and responses to dance and dance making.

The environment in our school is extremely child friendly and the infrastructure has been developed keeping in mind the needs and comfort of a toddler. Fully equipped class rooms with child sized furniture, indoor and outdoor play area and toys have all been developed in such a way so as to bring about the child's cognitive and physical development in the most comfortable manner.

The school has a sick room with beds for medical emergency of the students. A well-stocked first aid box is available for immediate treatment. The First Aid kit fully equipped is kept handy for casualties that may occur in the classroom, laboratories or on the playground. Care is taken to provide students all safety measures.

In order to ensure the safety and security of students and staff, the school campus and classrooms are under the surveillance of CCTV cameras.

The school is providing computer Literacy programme (Education) to the students of Classes LKG to XII. At Sr. Section (+2) level Computer Science is available as elective subject. Senior Secondary students opting Computer Science as an elective subject study Python as per CBSE New syllabus.

Next Learning Platform is a fast and secure cloud-based application for school management. PARENTS can view fee-dues, student details, attendance and leave reports. Even leaves can be applied by the parents and thus the school remains informed about the absence of any particular student. To utilise these features, positively download the app from google play store and login with valid credentials provided by the school.

E-learning poses a challenge to both teachers and students over technology and access, but it is keeping everyone busy with worksheets, video lectures and assignments using Google Meet, Google Classroom, Google Forms etc...

To spread the concept of “Self and mutual development” and to have all innovative ideas to overcome the problems and Quality Check in each and every sphere of life; students are involved with a group of skilled teachers for case study and its presentation.

Scouting was introduced in Delhi Public School, Farakka, in the year 1999 with a troop of 32 students from Classes VI to VIII. The main aim of introducing Scouting in the school activity is to develop the young mind and character of the students of DPS, Farakka. Today, Scouting has been adopted as a way of “training for life” for the young persons all over the world. It is the biggest youth organization/movement in the world founded by Lord Baden Powell who indeed can be designed as the most outstanding personality of the 20th century.

Delhi Public School, NTPC Farakka has introduced CAT (Computer Aided Teaching) for the students from Class I to Class XII. Keeping in time with the global changes taking place in the field of education, it has become quite imperative to introduce CAT in the classroom situation. With the Technical support offered by one of the leading pioneers of smart classes, this initiative will necessarily transform students’ learning into a durable and lifetime one.

The school seeks to instill feelings of fellowship through interaction in the Social Science club, as well as through career information, personality development, and adventure education programs. The school has its own professionally competent unit which oversees and organizes these activities.
1. Career counselling regarding professional courses to the students.
2. Personality development programme for junior & middle school to develop
(I) Qualities of Leadership & personality
(II) Public speaking
(III) Interpersonal and behavioral skills
(IV) To improve skills of communication and analysis.



To familiarize potential buyers with the unique driving experience of electric vehicles, dealerships offer test drives and experience centers.



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All the school buses carry only the permitted number of students, in accordance with the capacity of the bus. The students are escorted by the teachers to ensure safety. During the dispersal after the school hours, regular attendance of the students is taken before boarding the buses. All the buses have a first aid kit to attend to any medical needs. The buses are also equipped with Fire Extinguishers.

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