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Swachhata Mission 
Cleanliness Drive

( SESSION : 2019-2020 )

1 September to 15 September 2019

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‘Ek kadam swachhata ke ore’………. In harmony with the said adage, the school sets itself single mindedly to the cause of cleanliness of the society and the country as well. A fortnight long initiative has been taken by the school to spread Swachhata Mission. It is high time that man must recognize the need to keep the surrounding clean. A clean and green society can grant us a disease free life. People will have no woes, no diseases and above all a sense of wellbeing and contentment will prevail. The students and staff of the school are quite aware of their duties as responsible global citizens, hence they have borne upon their shoulders the noble task of cleaning, detoxifying and decontaminating the school premises as well as the neighborhood. It is really gratifying to see so many students of the school working in unison to achieve a common goal far higher than mere academic excellence. A plethora of activities have been sketched out to reach out to more and more people to sensitize them about Swachhata Mission. The school has planned to observe the following special days to create awareness about cleanliness and its manifold benefits.
1. Swachhata Shapath Day
2. Swachhata Awareness Day
3. Community Outreach
4. Green School Drive
5. Hand Wash Day
6. Personal Hygiene Day
7. Swachhata Participation Day
8. Swachhata Hi Seva Day
Let us join hands to gift the next generation not a dry, barren desert but a healthy planet.